How to Write an Email Marketing Campaign That Converts

November 02, 2018

Do you find your email campaigns unopened, deleted or bouncing off? Or maybe your current subscribers unsubscribing from your email list? Are your email marketing efforts suffering or having little to no success rates? If youre thinking that email marketing is dead and not effective, you’re dead wrong.

Yes, there may be other ways to reach your customers, but email marketing is still worth sending and is very important if your goal is to retain your customers. If you’re losing your confidence in email marketing because your open rates are low, maybe it’s time you change how you do your email marketing strategy.

Write a Good Subject Line

Let’s face it, it all comes down to a good subject line. A great percentage of getting your email campaigns opened is how good you write your subject lines. Write with a sense of urgency and make sure that you keep your subscribers curious, make an offer they can’t refuse, recognize them and make sure that you make them feel special by letting them know that you know their preferences. Make your subject lines clear and concise and most of all, DON’T USE ALL CAPS or overly use exclamation marks!!!!!!!

Use Segmentation

So, you plan to send out an email campaign with a current offer of 50% discount on all your shops red miniskirts. Will you be sending them out to all the subscribers on your list? If your goal is to minimize bounce rates or unopened emails, one thing you can do is to segment your list to make things easier for you when you send out a campaign. Separate your list by age, location, gender, language and buying behaviors.

Update Subscribers List

Have you updated your list? When? One reason why your emails bounce off is because you haven’t updated them in a long time. If your contact list is about 6 months or older then it is possible that some may have been closed or inactive.

Send Out on A Schedule

Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening, make sure that you are consistent in sending them out so as for your subscribers to not forget that they have agreed to receive automated emails from you.

Don’t Make Your Email Look Like Spam

If you’re not sure whether your subscriber has installed a spam filter to determine and sort out if your email is a spam, then all you must do is make sure that the template you are using is up to date and that it doesn’t have any attributes of a spam. You can use testing tools such as to double check on it.


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