Take Advantage of the Wix Booking App

August 30, 2019

With Wix, it is true that you will be able create a great looking website in quick and easy ways. Though it is simple to create a website using this CMS, you might be asking and probably thinking if it does have features that you need for adding functionality to your website especially because it is new.

While it’s true that Wix is new, you’ll be surprised that there are a lot of apps that you can integrate to your website to add functionality.

For businesses like yours who wants to stay connected with your customers all the time, there is a Booking App available in Wix that can make your goal possible.


Here are some of the advantages of integrating a Booking App to your website:

1. Available 24/7

With a booking app, it gives your customers the freedom to book through your website anytime they want. Your number of sales also grows because you are not limited by your working hours.


2. Manage Bookings Without Difficulty

Let’s face it, online booking is easier than waiting or answering phone calls from your customers who wanted to book with you, and it goes the same for your customers. You’ll be able to take bookings and your customers can make their bookings anytime, any day.


3. Online Payments

Thanks to online bookings, you can now pay online without the hassle of visiting the business using your precious time. Make online booking and secure payments via your credit card.


Wix Booking App has the following new features:

Membership Plans

Give your devoted clients boundless access to your services at a set cost with this feature. Doing as such will give you a constant flow of income, enabling you to frame an increasingly steady plan of action.



Get paid ahead of time while offering an assortment of services to your customers at an attractive markdown rate they won't most likely able to say no to.

Set of Sessions

Regardless of whether it's a course you're aiming to integrate to your website, a workshop, or visit, you would now be able to pull in more customers by empowering them to book a whole, exclusive program without a moment's delay.


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