5 Logical Reasons Why You Need to Start Building Your Email List This Instant

March 15, 2019

Email Marketing, though it’s old, remains as one of the most relevant forms of communication which is easily understood.

A lot of experts agree how powerful this is. Marketing expert Neil Patel said that out of all the channels he tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms them. Even Unbounce’s Marketing Manager, Corey Dilley, said that it is the biggest asset they have for driving new acquisitions.

If you don’t want to make the biggest regret of not focusing on building your email list in the earlier stage of your business, just like what Joe Pulizzi (Content Marketing Institute) said, then you start building it right now.


Aside from the above mentioned, here are four more relevant reasons why you should begin building your emails list, right now.

1. Your Email List Is Something You Own

Social Media frequently changes it algorithms and policies that sometimes, let’s admit it, it’s becoming harder to keep up. Your campaign works one day and the next thing you know, it’s giving you a headache. We 've experienced this several times now that we had to contact these social media platforms’ customer service support team to ask them why this happened. Yes, they’ll be able to give you the solution to the problem, but they won’t tell you why what’s working before has stopped working now. To us, this is because we don’t own these social media platforms. That’s what’s good about emails, it’s the second thing you own next to your website.


2. There’ s Revenue in Your Email List

Your email list is a powerful source of profit for your business. It contains relevant information of buyers interested in your products or services. If a buyer subscribed to your mailing list, it only shows that they are really into what you are selling or offering that is why you need to take care of them. Emails are one way of building a deeper relationship with your buyers.


3. It’s the Easiest Way to Do Marketing

Sending emails is probably the easiest way of doing marketing. Just make sure that your copy is ready and then all you need to do is schedule them out for sending to your email list and viola, you’re done! Some marketers prefer emails because it outperforms other marketing channels. If you continue to build your email list, you’ll have a higher conversion rate. Just make sure you send emails to your list on a regular basis. If you have a blog that provides relevant information, promote them to your subscribers.


4. Proactive Way of Keeping in Touch 

Getting your customers in the loop of the latest news about your products or services, tips, sale, events and so on, provides you with a great way of keeping in touch with them.

As the founder of SocialMouths, Francisco Rosales, said, “Email is by far the most effective communication platform between your brand and its audience (or most of it).” In this regard, make the most of it, build a deeper relationship with your subscribers, so they, in return, give you their loyalty.

It is true that building up your email list is crucial. If your goal as a business is to keep your customers happy and the same time gain sales, then, you must first get an audience.

Need help in building your email list, today? We can help! Send us a message.


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