Why and When You Should Update Your Business Website

May 8, 2020

Everything is changing in the digital world and if you want to keep your audiences engaged in your business, you will have to adapt to changes and know all about the latest trends to keep you ahead of the competition.


You may be asking, when is the right time to update your website? The answer is asking yourself the following:


  • Is the look of my website outdated?

  • How’s my sale going?

  • Will a better presentation of products and services get better results?

  • Will additional pages such as blogs increase the value of my website?



If your answer is yes for all these questions or if they have made you think about your website, then it’s time to move on to the next step – update your website!



Your Website Doesn’t Standout


Remember this, the trend before most probably is outdated nowadays. If you think that your website doesn’t stand out anymore or if you see that you have been left out by your competitors with regards to the design, feel or functionality, then it’s time to do some updating.



Outdated Content and Images


When was the last time you have updated your website? Evaluate your website, maybe your hours of operation have changed overtime, your product images and services may have also changed and what’s in the website is not the current offer you have… Check all these, people come to your website and look for information, but if it’s not consistent to how your operate or not consistent with the products and services you are offering, chances are they won’t come back to your website again and look somewhere else.



Does not Reflect Your Brand


Have you rebranded recently? If the answer is yes, you definitely need to redesign your website otherwise, you may be drawing the wrong type of audiences. Your design should show and promote your brand.

Website Technique, Coding, Theme


Have you tested and checked if your website is still functioning the way it should as it was before? Plugins, themes, techniques and coding tend to change often times and you will need to update your website whenever possible as updates address vulnerabilities of the website and prevents you from being hacked and most especially, it allows your website to function properly.



No Calls to Action


Another important for the websites of today are calls to action. Calls to action are button or link that allows you to complete an action on the website and eventually users who clicked can become a lead.



High Bounce Rate


If you noticed a high bounce rate on your site, examine each page carefully. Check whether you’re doing something wrong or it is with the overall look and feel of your website. A bounce rate of 40% - 60% is considered OK.



Search Engine Optimisation


Google loves fresh content, if you don’t have a blog on your site, consider adding it to your site. This will drive traffic to your website.


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