Stuck on Ideas for Your Blog? Here Are 6 Things to Write About When You Run Out of Topics

July 19, 2019

We 've all been there. You write blog posts every week, probably daily and then suddenly, you lose ideas. What would you write today especially if you have written about all possible topics before?

In today’ s article, we will teach you what you can do if you run out of topics for your blog page.


1. Repurpose Your Content

Rewriting or repurposing your content is probably the easiest thing you can do when you run out of possible topics for your blog. We’ve seen a lot of marketers do this, the only difference from their old topic or content is that they are giving it a new angle or looking at a new angle. For example, if last year they have written about what sort of designs are in for 2018, this year they have written about what types of designs are still in for 2019.

You may also research if the old tips you provided on your blog posts are still working today and with just that, you are reusing your old content and giving it a new light.


2. Find Topics In Q&A Sites

One very popular Q&A site is Quora. Quora covers almost every topic you can think of. Just ask a question and people will give you their insights. Some answers, if you’re lucky, some even give a list or bullet points about the topic that it solves your problem. All you need to do now is to make it your own (not copied!).


3. Checkout Reddit for Ideas

If you are looking for new ideas and internet worthy headlines, you may checkout reddit. Reddit is large database of forums. Reddit is also broken up into millions of communities which is also known as subreddits. Check it out now and find new ideas for your next blog posts.


4. Stalk Your Competitor’ s Blog Page

Another way to do when you run out of topics is to go to your competitor’s website and see what they are writing about. Check out their new and old posts and see what else you haven’t written about and take some for inspiration.


5. Find Topics From eBooks

What’s your niche? Checkout sites like amazon and find you will find some eBooks from marketing, health, politics, history and a lot more where you can take inspiration from.  

6. Use Comments from Blogs

Fish out for ideas from comments on blog posts. There are chances that another influencer from that same industry poses questions or starts discussion.


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