What Makes Up a Good Landing Page?

October 26, 2018

A landing page is simply a section of a website where you are brought to after clicking a link, a call to action from an ad, link from a social post or another webpage. Landing pages can be tailor-made for a promo, a specific product or a service page. Whatever your purpose is for creating a landing page, it should always make a good first impression and if you are a beginner or basically looking for ways to improve your landing page, this topic is for you.


We have read articles of people saying that there is no perfect outline for a landing page and that is because each business advertises a different promo and are creating them better than their known competitor. They may also be making it based on the latest design trends or psychological factors that convert visitors into customers.


What should you include on a landing page?

Create a definitive e goal for your landing page. Once you have set and finalise why you created this, make sure to include the elements that would turn it to be more effective.


Bold and Creative Headlines

A good headline attracts a good number of customers. And because it is also the first thing that your target audiences see, you should write it creatively and encourage them to do further reading of your page. Inscribe it in a way that appeals to them. Make it bold, clear and concise.



Bring Forth the Media

Though many times we have heard “content is king” and is basically true, media such as images, videos, animations, etc. in addition to just plain texts, can add to a more effective and to how interesting your landing pages’ content can be.  


Client Commendations

Did you know that adding testimonials to your landing page makes it more trustworthy? Persuade your audiences into buying your product or availing your services by giving them some real-life commendation from your satisfied clients.



Form Signups

Collect your visitor’s information through a form that requires only the most important data from them such as their name, email address and other data that are deemed necessary for your offer.



Keep It Simple

Your landing page should only be focused on what you offer. It shouldn’t have any other links in it except for a link to your terms and conditions and privacy policy. Do not invite your customers to leave your page without signing up a form.


Draw Attention to Your Offer

They call it a negative space, or a white space and designers definitely love this. Why? It’s because it provides breathing room for the eyes. The goal of this is to make a website look simple and neat making it possible to deliver your message to your customers on a clear picture.


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