Top 9 Web Design Trends That’s Going to be a Hit in 2019

January 10, 2019

Over the past years, we have seen how web designs have evolved from just a simple HTML to using or incorporating tables in the website. We’ve also seen it transformed from flashy to flat designs. And today, we can see that websites are designed to be more user-friendly and user-oriented. We are now in an era where building a website is not limited by technology anymore and web developers and designers are more concerned by how it affects people and how it contributes to a positive experience.


As we are fast approaching the end of the year and entering the new year, we would like to give you a list of web design trends that’s going to be a huge hit in 2019. Know what’s in and what’s not in today’s article.



1. Bold, Modern Font Styles


If you would look at some of the newly created sites of today, as well as those of well-known brand names, you will notice that they opt or shifted to a clean, simple, modern and minimalist fonts.


Bold, modern fonts suit well for logo and headlines as they give a nice emphasis on the subject. Some examples of  said fonts are Sans-serif and Helvetica. These fonts give a nice modern feel to any headings or logos.



2. Colour Selection


It is said that 2019 is more on pantone colour palettes. Not only do modern companies design to attract attention, but they also use this method to bring more conversions.


Web designers now not only use colours to make the site pretty, they use colours to influence the consumer’s psychological aspect as well as promote diversity that influences particular emotions.



3. Asymmetrical Shapes


In the year 2018, we’ve seen a lot of websites using geometrical shapes such as rectangles, squares and triangles, but this 2019, we’re seeing websites using free drawn shapes which adds more characteristics to any website that makes them standout.



4. Incorporating Chatbots


You obviously have heard about chatbots  especially if you’re in the marketing or sales division. Live chat and chatbots are different from one another. As you well know, live chat has real humans behind the conversations, on the other hand, with chatbots, you’re obviously interacting with a bot! Chatbot has evolved and has been tagged as more intelligent and more human than ever and is the latest trend. That is the reason why more bots are incorporated in the websites for the benefit of the end users because this 2019, websites are more about user experience.



5. Videos for More Engagement


Videos are still in and becoming more popular as ever and were not seeing it toning down. You may have seen it in the background or have seen it as an interactive video and believe when we say that placing videos on your website increases conversions.



6. One Page Design


When we talk about web design these days, speed and minimalism are becoming a hit. Minimal designs loads faster and as 2019 is more about the users’ experience, it is just plain and simple that users are after websites that loads quickly and gives them a positive experience.



7. Mobile First Design


As people are always on the go and users behavioral  pattern  goes to search more on their mobile phones increasingly each year, website design agencies should always think about designing a website on mobile grounds first then followed by desktop and tablets.




This 2019, it’s all about user experience. So, when you create your next big web design or landing page, make sure to keep in mind all these trends and become successful.


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