The 7 Untold Secrets of a Successful Website

April 05, 2019

A website is an integral part of your business’ marketing plan. It is your way of gaining an online presence, so your customers can easily find you. Prospective customers expect to find your products and services whenever they browse the internet and without a website, you’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities such as sales or leads as it is one way for people who are interested in your products and services may reach you.


In today’s article, now that you get the vital role that your business website plays, we will tell you some of the untold secrets on how you can turn your website and get ahead of your competition.


1. Looks Do Matter

For websites, look does matter. Make sure that your website has a professional feel to it and not just something that was put together just for the benefit of having a website. The overall appearance of the website must be clean, attractive and should display your brand’s theme e.g. colours, font, images, etc. If you would like to learn some tips in designing a website, read it from our blog, “Top 9 Web Design Trends That’s Going to be a Hit in 2019”.


2. Customise Your Content

A content, in order for it to be called great, should be engaging so readers would not navigate away when they see your website. It also must provide value to your reader and at the same time, has a passion to serve its purpose.


3. User-Friendly Navigation

It is said that your website’s navigation can make or break your website. It is important that your customers find the information they need from it so they won’t navigate away from your website. A strong navigation should show the following:

  • It should be consistent on both how and where it should appear on your website

  • Clearly divided into categories

  • All navigation elements are clickable

  • Titles to your navigation should be accurate

  • All clickable images should have ALT texts

  • Make sure that the Search feature in your website is working


4. Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website is necessary so that Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others search engines can pick your website up, index it, so that whenever potential customers search for your products and/or services, your website would potentially show.


5. Keep Your Website Up to Date

If you’ve got new products and/or services, tips that could help your customers or latest news about the company, don’t be afraid to show it! Sometimes users tend to get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, we’re not saying it’s a bad thing, but you should also spend time on adding up your new products or services so that customers will be kept up to date. This may also attract new ones. Also, think about it, your competitors are spending time adding relevant products and services to their website and that is the reason why you should, too! More importantly, it is also good for SEO.


6. Your Website Should Capture Customers

Not everyone who visits your website are ready to make some purchases. Give them reasons to contact them and get their name and email address. This will also ensure a long-time relationship with your customers as well as show your customers that you care.


7. Social Media Accounts

Users can be found anywhere online. Be where they are. Make sure they find on your website your social media links as well as Share button, so they can share articles or blog posts that they like over to their social media accounts.


If you need help building an effective website, partner with us! We can help you with Search Engine Optimisation, Graphic Designs, Content Writing and a lot more at a very affordable price. Send us a message, today!


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