5 Tips for A Great Looking Professional Web Design

May 22, 2020

Designing a website can go on different ways – minimalist, vibrant, contemporary or modern among many others. The final results of your web design will still reflect your very own personality, brand or field of work. But in all these, you have to remember that a great professional web design still prioritises functionality and user experience.



Here are our tips on creating a great looking professional website:


Simple, Clutter Free


One goal in designing a professional website is to avoid clutter. Your message should be communicated to the end user just by looking at your design. Make it simple and easy to look and understand.


Some important points to remember when designing a website:

  • Keep important elements or content above the fold making it easy for your visitors to understand the website as soon as they have their eyes on it.

  • Create some white spaces between sections of your web page.

  • Add beautiful and related high-quality images

  • Add Calls-to-Action



Visually Structured


Displaying images in your website should follow a hierarchy. This gives the visitor clarity which is valuable in every professional website design. By structuring your images correctly, you’ll be able to draw attention to certain elements on your page starting from the most important part.

Make sure to focus on your business name and logo. Make them bigger and prominent as visitors tend to steer their eyes on large and bold items first. Remember to also direct your visitors’ gaze into the correct direction. Your calls-to-action should be placed at the header or the center of the screen.





Another important characteristic of a professional website is readability. It is  the ability of your website to make it easy for its visitors to read your content.


Readability is easily achieve through the following:

  • Observe proper contrast

  • Make texts larger

  • Use easy to read, clear fonts such as Sans Serif

  • Use a limited number of font types

  • Website content must vary in size, use big titles, sub headings and paragraphs.



Easy to Navigate


Simply said, make sure that your website visitors can find what they are looking around your website. Doing this also strengthens your site’s optimization as you give necessary attention to user experience.



Mobile Responsiveness


Mobile responsiveness in a website is not something new but is very important until now as people are going mobile which is all the more reason to make the website load faster. Scale down elements as needed.



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