How to Tell Your Companys Story in 4 Easy Steps

May 24, 2019

Storytelling is an integral part of your business. Normally, people want to know the story behind the company before they come up with the decision if they want you. The reason why they do this is because they want to know if they can identify to your business and see if you are a perfect fit to what they are looking for.

Storytelling can be incorporated into your About Us page, your blog, ebooks or social media profiles. More importantly, make sure that when you write your story, make it count as what you write about your business can either make you or break you. If you’re unsure how to write a story that will appeal to your audience, this article is for you so read on!

The 5 C’s of Storytelling

Your story should have the following: context, catalyst, complications, change and consequence. Context is simply your company’s backstory. Catalyst is the event, or the changes experienced by the company. Complication is just the problem that the company that it has faced since it started. Change is simply just how the business overcame the complications that were experienced before; and lastly, Consequence are the characters, the chance and the fate of the business. All these should be incorporated into your storytelling.

Humility and Relating to Your Audience


Don’t be arrogant of what you have accomplished, but rather share them a story of how you conquered your obstacles in all humility and start relating to your audience.


A Story Touching Your Audiences Emotional Side

Be honest, your story may have been sad or happy, but whatever you have experienced throughout your journey, tell you audiences all of that. For all you know, it may touch your audiences’ emotional side and you’ll be able to connect to them through it.

Say Only What Matters


Your audiences don’t need to know every detail of your journey, it may bore them because its far too long. Pick three or four key points from starting your business to the present, tell them your goals and how you can help them and that would be enough, most of all, make it engaging!


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