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Sydney's Quality Dips.

Giving a small family business the direction and strategy to stand out from the rest.

Sydney's Quality Dips is a small family run business, a father and son collab with a true passion for authentic Mediterranean mezze. 

When approaching retailers, they were often met with resistance. 

People eat with their eyes first before buying a product. 

A research backed rebrand made all the difference. 

Sydneys Quality Dips.gif

Observe and Understand 

Straight into research we went. Who is Sydney's Quality Dips' customer? And what are they looking for? Better yet, whos leading the market, what are they doing wrong, and what are they doing right. 


Rebrand and Repackage

Intriguing results paired with creativity made for the perfect experimentation. Enough of a rebrand to still be recognised by long time customers, but fresh enough to give it that factor or the shelf. 


Immediate Outcome?

60% growth in sales with existing stock retailers.

220% increase in prospect conversion.


The Results?

400% expansion of delivery fleet. 

Bigger delivery footprint.

300% increase in stock retailers.

White-labelled opportunities and fulfilment. 

Shop range in select IGA's & Fruit Markets*
View the website at

Maybe You Sell Dips Too?

Dips or not, big business or small, smart branding moves make the greatest impact on a business. 

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