Digital marketing is the use of the internet or any other digital technology to support marketing, this is also called, internet marketing, e-marketing and web marketing, but we stick to digital marketing because this form of marketing is so limitless and diverse, it cannot be labelled into a niche.

Digital marketing includes mostly the following;

Social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Search engine optimisation (SEO), this is a very big part of digital marketing, and demands its own explanation so please visit our SEO tab.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is paid online marketing through portals such as Google. An amount of money is paid for showing marketing messages redirecting consumers back to your website from various places within the search results for specified keyword searches.


Email marketing campaigns are an effective tool to remain relevant and persistent (if done regularly). This medium of marketing can build trust and reach multiple channels without investing individual time to send every email. Imagine having to send 2000 individual emails!

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