5 Easy Steps for Your Brand to Win Trust Online

July 12, 2019

Trust is said to be the main part of all relationships, be it between couples, family, business relationships and even between businessmen and their customers.  

Back when the internet wasn’t famous at all, people had a hard time researching how a product or service is – if it was good or bad. We rely mostly on TV advertisements, radio, newspapers, magazines and other types of print ads, the only downside to this kind of advertising is that it is a little biased – you only get to see the good side and won’t be able to get diverse reactions from people or exactly what they thought of these products/services based on the actual experiences from buying or using them.

Now, with the popularity of the internet and its easy accessibility, doing a research on a product or service has become so simple. At the rate of what the internet has become, with about 4.39 Billion users (and still growing), the need to uphold your brand’s reputation is a must. People has become so open about posting their experiences online and if you become their victim, we hate to tell you, but this could become your end… That is why, today, we would like to bring you some tips on how people can trust your brand online and have loyal customers coming your way. Read on!


1. Reviews and Testimonials

Before purchasing a product or service, we also do our research. Mostly, as customers, we tend to go to the website and check what people say about the brand. If it’s not the company’s website, we also search their social media pages to check if people really liked them. We tend to become investigators especially if the product or service we plan on buying involves a good amount of money. And it is definitely our right to protect our hard-earned money from fraudsters.


2. Act Responsibly

Millenials now are sensitive about change, that is why they expect every company they believe in to take part and do something about the change, like for example give donations to charity, do their part with climate change and the likes.


3. Share Valuable Content

To write a content is one thing, but to write something with value and could actually help people, which of course in relation to what your business do, still is the most important. Provide people with something useful and engaging.


4. Be Consistent, Always

When we say consistency, we mean to say to be consistent in all your platforms. From your website to your marketing, to your social media accounts. Help people to recognize you wherever they go.


5. Engage with Your Customers

When a customer commented on your posts or gladly write a review for your company, respond. Say thank you when necessary or give them some token of appreciation. Doing this can help you gain your customers trust and loyalty.


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