5 Easy Ways to Start A Business with Zero Capital

December 06, 2019

You probably had lots of ideas for a business; an art shop, IT services, Cake shop and a lot more others, but you don’t have any money. Will you still be able to put up a business without one of the important elements? The answer is, yes, you can!


If you go back and read the above paragraph, we said that money is just one of the important elements. If you don’t have the capital, you can still put up a business using the other elements. And today, we bring you the easiest ways of putting up a business and brush up on some of the other these important components on starting up a business a possibility.



Keep Your Job


Do you have a day job? We suggest not to quit on it.


A person we know was working as a teacher in an academic institution. He was doing well and earning a good amount of money. Then, suddenly, he quit. Finally, we knew the reason, he was going to start a training school of his own and he needed a large amount of money for the operation. He ended up borrowing money from friends and people he knew and spending all the money he saved up for him and his family.


The moral of the story, if you have a day job and plan on quitting to start a business soon, think again. Don’t quit. It is important not to put you and your family’s financial well-being into a risk especially if you see that you’re not yet fully ready. Consider things like, bills, children’s education, emergency funds, and so on.



Put Your Skills into Good Use


Probably the cheapest and requires no capital at all is putting your skills or whatever talent you have into good use by earning from it. Do you have a talent in painting? Why not paint some and sell it? You may also paint for friends and family and earn a good amount of money.


Do you have skills in web and mobile development? Send businesses a proposal and start building for them.



Do the Work Yourself


When starting a business, it doesn’t mean you need people working for you. If possible, since you don’t have any money, do everything yourself. We think it’s also best that you know how to operate the business yourself, because doing so makes the business able to operate even if your staff suddenly quits on you.


Start Making the Business Known


Now that you are starting the business with no money, you have to get the news out to the public. Tell your family and friends about it so the word spreads. Make use of social media platforms and make your post public so your family, friends can share it also on their wall. Ask people to do a review and have them recommend you to others.



Create and Sell


Do you love creating something unique? Are you crafty enough to be able to sell a product of your own? If you do, patent it, then sell the product.



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