Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Your Business

October 12, 2018

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube are just some of the most popular social media platforms of today. Knowing where your business should be in is a very hard decision to make especially in terms of maintaining them. In this article, we will outline and guide you through the process of picking out the best social media platforms to use for your business be it small or big.


Did you know that according to a June 2018 statistic, about 15,000,000 are steady users of Facebook? And this is just in Australia, alone! There are about more than 24 million Aussies as of this writing and about 60% of the population use it. For businesses whose target audience are from ages 25-55, we recommend using Facebook as your social media platform of choice.


Instagram is owned by Facebook. In 2012, the social media giant has acquired this platform after paying an astonishing amount of $1 Billion. Instagram has about 9,000,000 active Australian users.  If you’ve got beautiful photos or videos to showcase, this platform is the one we recommend on using. There’s just one big fault that we find on Instagram and that is not being able to follow a link from a post. You’ll only be able to do that when you post the link from your bio. But, on the bright side of this, only interested users will make the effort to copy the link from a certain Instagram post and check it out from their browsers!


With an estimated 4,700,000 active Australian users, Twitter is another one of the best social media platforms to use for your business. Did you know that the popular hashtag (#) started in Twitter? It was in 2007 that Chris Messina, a designer, has asked his followers to group their discussions in Twitter using the # sign and has then become the first person to use it in this social media platform. But, let us just clarify something first… It wasn’t Twitter who invented the hashtag, but they are the ones who popularized this with the people and soon enough, other social media platforms followed the trend.



Although Pinterest has recorded about 270,000 Australian users in June 2018, this platform is not something to belittle. Pinterest has about 250 Million users around the world looking to get inspired. If your business is looking to target international clients, this social media platform is the one to pick.


YouTube is Facebook’s toughest competitor with its recorded 15,000,000 Unique Australian Visitors per month, Facebook has been shaken up by this social media platform! Have you recently noticed Facebook playing ads on videos? Looked familiar, right? Yes, it’s because we thought that Facebook has been copying how YouTube works! Don’t you think it’s time your business should be on YouTube, too? We say, definitely!


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