Skyrocket Your Website Leads in 5 Easy Ways

January 04, 2019

If you believe that a website is one of the most important tools to your business, you are correct. Though companies may use a website for different purposes such as sales, lead generation, call conversion or physical visits to your location, they will all agree that a website is an essential tool that adds confidence and builds consumers’ trust.


A lot of ways can be used to increase traffic, sales and leads to your website that will possibly help your business grow and we have listed 5 smart ways on how to do it.




1. Boost conversion with Calls to Action


Never underestimate the power of calls to action. CTA or calls to action is said to be an essential part of a marketing program. With CTA, a user is encouraged to take further step to your website, whether going to another page, making a purchase or signing up a form. You would easily spot a CTA at the header, side bar or body of the website, sales page, contact us page, a blog post or slide bars.


When writing CTAs make sure that it adds up interest for people to click on it. Here are some examples of an effective calls to action.


  • Join for A Free Month

  • Find Out First

  • See How Workdog Specialists Can Help

  • See Why Workdog is Right for You

  • Start My Free Trial

  • Try for Free

  • Avail Workdogs Surprise Sale

  • Take a Closer Look



2. Use Video Marketing in Your Website


Who doesn’t love videos? Videos, though this may not be new, still is an important part of every platform and social media channels. It is said that in 2016, there was a great increase of videos in content marketing and continuously increased its popularity over the years - which is why it just makes so much sense to include this in your marketing program. Your video can be something that showcases your products or services, or, in a larger scale - a part to build brand awareness. This can also be an event video, explainer videos, interviews, how-to, animated video, live or 360° and so on.


3. Integrate the Use of Live Chat


Live chat is not just for eCommerce websites. It is also a great way to connect with people who would like to make a quick inquiry regarding your products or services. Live chats can also provide emergency support to your customers, give clarification about your location, make quick bookings and reservations.



4. Testimonials, Awards, Affiliation


Testimonials from your customers as well as displaying your awards and affiliation builds customer trust. They make customers feel more comfortable doing their business with you.



5. Website Promotion


Promoting your website through social media platforms or through paid ads or organic posts increases brand awareness and therefore generates traffic and more leads to your website overtime.


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