What Skills Every Modern Marketers Should Have?

November 22, 2018

Being a marketer is such an exciting opportunity for many. There are lots who have been in this field for so long and some who are just starting. Reaching potential customers and retaining the existing ones through new technologies, new platforms or apps also have been emerging fast and every marketers should be flexible enough to adapt to new technologies and changes.


It is said that conventional skills in marketing as well as the experience are just pre-requisites to getting employed by companies, but it is a plus if you knew new sets of skills as having to utilize new tools in marketing for the growth of the company.


If you are a marketer striving to become better in the marketing industry, here are some skills you should learn to get ahead of the competition.



Content Development


Being able to create content for marketing is a huge factor for modern marketers. Bigger companies hire different people to perform different functions in marketing for productivity purposes, but smaller marketing agencies, for obvious reasons, tend to look for marketers who also knows how to do content writing. Therefore, it is an advantage that you learn this skill.



Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing are just some of the types of Digital Marketing.


As defined, “Digital marketing  is  marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly in the internet”.


Marketing continues to evolve, and in this digital age, it is only important to learn and continue to learn new things to be able to get ahead of the competition.



Basic Web Development


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO would require you to have basic web development skills. It is not necessary for you to learn coding, but knowing the basics is vital for you to understand web design and seo as it will give you a more direct approach on how you can improve your brand’s search/online presence.



Competitor Research


In marketing, it is always the best approach to know the competitors in your niche and what they are doing to improve their brand. Learn from them and do better.



Understanding Customers


“Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes” is perhaps a marketing strategy that never goes out of fashion – a marketing classic, as we say! A business who practices empathy and understands their customers gives them great value. They listen, they give, they strive to work for better ways in order to provide their customers the best experience over their products and services – and what better way to understand customers than to put yourself in their shoes!


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