How to Show Sympathy Through Your Landing Pages During This Pandemic

June 5, 2020

With the spread of Covid-19, evidence of how this pandemic brought change to our everyday lives has been so saddening. We have now come to a time where a “new normal” has been taking place in some countries wherein social distancing is a must and wearing a mask is the new fashion statement. Even artists in several countries are modeling a new look or design for masks and face shield. We have also seen a lot of clothing line in some countries where they even designed a normal or casual outfit, i.e. a dress, that resembles a PPE. And even if it’s so depressing to think that we can’t go back to the way we were before at the moment, we are also amazed because of how we see a lot of businesses adapt to changes in these trying times showing their creativity and thereby increasing their customers’ chance to buy products and services that caters to their customers’ need.


In these trying times, there are a lot of opportunities which businesses can try to improve on to help reach out to customers and potential customers. It is a time where businesses should put their foot in the shoes of their customers to identify with them better. Doing this will also help your businesses endure and thrive during this time.


In today’s article, learn how you can show and build sympathy into your landing pages during this pandemic to be able to reach out to your customers and potential customers.



Deliver a Message that Identifies with Your Customers


Being able to share and experience what other’s feel is the way of showing sympathy towards other people. When we put it to marketing, showing sympathy will need you to redo all your copies and campaigns to show a deeper understanding of your audiences’ concerns during this time. Deliver a message that would focus on your audiences. Now is the time that they need your expertise and not necessarily that they will spend a lot of money. Make sure to provide assistance sincerely.



Where to Place Your Message


Your message should be located on the front or center on your website. If you will be providing more information about your product or service that is already out front or center, you can create a separate landing page. Make sure to put a call to action on the message.



Understanding What Others Feel Through Your Landing Page


If you are putting yourself in others’ shoes, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you or your employees feel?

  • How did this pandemic impact my business?

  • How should I respond?

  • What solutions I should consider or looking for?


These are also what you should do:

  • Ask the views or opinion of your customers

  • Get a second opinion in every decision

  • Know what your competitors are doing



Your CTAs Should Reflect Your Concerns


If you are going to show your concern to your customers during this time, make sure that your CTAs or calls to action reflects the same. One example is “Try for Free”.



Take Note of The Things You Should Avoid


If you are being empathic, try not to drop the word Coronavirus on your products or services like “Coronavirus Website Proposal”. Also, make sure not to use coronavirus as your selling point.



If you are really sincere in showing sympathy or concern to your customers, it is necessary that you should be thoughtful, honest and reliable.


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