An SEO Guide for Creative Marketing Businesses

December 13, 2019

If you are in a creative marketing business looking to draw traffic or leads so as to sell your products, then we have an incredible method to transform your online presence and drive traffic and profit to your market. With just as simple optimising your product names, giving them descriptions as well as creating alt tags and naming your images, customers are now going to find you wherever they are.



Search Engine Optimisation is the way toward growing the quality and amount of site traffic by increasing the visibility of a site for users in  search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


Most users find what they are looking for online, and with Search Engine Optimisation, customers looking for your products and services are now able to find you.


Now, let us explore how you can optimise your Creative Marketing business site and make profit by letting your customers know you exist.



Keyword Research


It’s always ideal that before you create the content for your website to search for the best keywords that will describe your site or business. Doing this will also help you which keywords you need to focus on for each pages of your site.


To do a keyword search you can make use of free keyword planning tool from Google.


When searching for keywords, opt for long tail keywords rather than single words, but make sure that this long tail keyword of yours has search volume to it. An example of a long tail keyword in the creative marketing business is 'handwritten font bundle ',  'personalized portrait creator ' or 'designer font bundle. '



Incorporate Relevant Keywords into Your Content


After searching for relevant keywords, the next step would be to include keywords to the content for each of your pages. Remember, your place your keywords in these areas


  • Product name

  • Product page URL

  • Product descriptions

  • Filenames of products and other images

  • Frequently Asked Questions section in product pages


Also, remember to rename your images according to what they are or what they are for and include alternative texts for them so search engines can easily identify them, and users can also discover them.



Link Building


Important inbound links from different sites show search engines the importance, authority, and value of the content. This is called third party link building, which incredibly improves your Creative Market shop and items' search positions.


Not all links are created equal, find the ones that would bring value to your site. Find those with high authority, good SEO rankings and optimised web pages.



Keyword stuffing Duplicate Content


Search engines hate keyword stuffing and duplicate contents. Keyword stuffing is manipulating the search engines by adding unnecessary keywords.


Keyword stuffing can have an adverse effect to your pages' rankings. It likewise makes clients have negative experiences, since they're being presented to illogical, automated content. When in doubt, content ought to consistently be composed for genuine individuals, not bots. At the point when you compose in light of people, their commitment with your content will give web crawlers the sign they have to organise your pages. Nowadays, Google cautiously searches for content loaded down with keywords. Search Engines punishes this black hat strategy by bringing down the webpage's positioning or expelling it from query items through and through.



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