6 Signs Your Product Needs Rebranding

August 16, 2019

Do you feel like your brand is not as enticing as it was like when you just started? Are you feeling out dated and left out by your competitors?

Well, you are not alone. There are instances that your brand needs to adapt to the ever-changing world and keep up with new trends especially if you think that doing this will increase your leads and sales.

Is this the right time for you to consider rebranding? Here are some of the things you should consider before doing so.


1. You Want to Reach New Audience

If you see that you are not attracting sales from your desired audiences or you’re planning on reaching a new demographic, then it’s time to consider rebranding.

Branding can do 2 things, it can either create the noise for you to get attention or build relationship with your customers. Show possible customers how different you are from your competitions by building trust, understanding their concerns and giving them what they would want.


2. When It No Longer Reflects Your Vision

If you have recently merged with another company or the company has just been acquired, then change is expected especially if the brand no longer stands on the vision. Renew how you communicate your ideas with clear and concise design and messages.


3. When You Need to Expand to New Places

Is business a success that you’ll be expanding to new places or territories soon? Your brand design should reflect your intention to reach out to new customers waiting on you. Sometimes, renaming brand might be necessary.


4. You’ re too Embarrassed to Show Off Your Brand

If you’re too embarrasses of handing out your business cards because you don’t feel confident with your branding, then, it’s time to consider the change. Some other things to consider are because it’s outdated, boring and unoriginal.


5. When You ’re Changing Your Name

Changing your brand name calls for new designs. If you feel like your brand name doesn’t feel right anymore and it no longer works for you and your customers are having difficulty understanding what your name actually is, then is just perfectly safe to say that you need to rebrand.


6. When You Need to Standout from Competition

As mentioned earlier, you’re not the only one in the business, so if you want to standout from your competition, it is time to take the step to rebranding to the next level especially if you’re finding you’re your sales are slow and your competitor has created a lot of noise and is outperforming you in many ways.



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