8 Most Relevant Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Company

December 07, 2018

Hiring a web design company is such a daunting task. With so many options online to choose from – not to mention local and international, it is hard to determine which one best suit you. So, whenever you come close to choosing, just think that the company who will succeed to do the job will also be your marketing companion.


Considering that the successful candidate or agency will be stuck with you for a long period of time, we suggest that you choose wisely! Take time investigating, learning, reviewing and deliberating on who you should hire as this will dictate the future success or failure of your brand.


To help you go over the process, we’ve listed some of the most important questions to ask before hiring a web design firm.



1. How long would it take to build and design a website?


Now, consider this. There are several factors that would decide on how long the completion would take in designing and developing a website. It’s all based on the scope of work. How long would you be able to provide all the necessary information like texts and images, the features you would like to add to the website or if you would need the web design company to write the web content for you, will all be the deciding factors for the turnaround time.



2. How do you price for your services?


Depending on the company, the cost of their services varies. Make sure that you ask the web design firm to make a list of their services like what’ not and what is included in the project like hosting, maintenance of the site, marketing and graphic works.



3. What are your policies to designing a website?


Do not hesitate to ask. Most companies offer unlimited number of revisions to building a website while some other companies offer just a number of changes prior to making it live. If you are left with the latter choice, make sure the web agency provides you with some instructions to make some basic changes to the website, like typographical errors or changing of images.



4. Do you offer web hosting and domain registration?


Web design and development companies offers both these services to their clients.


For web hosting, know if you would be offered your own control panel details, ask about the bandwidth, disk space, will you have a unique IP address, fees, speed and hosting plans. When you have all this information, you would be able to compare with other companies.


For domain registration, know how long the domain name registration is for. Also, ask the firm if your preferred domain name is still available and if they would be able to register it for you. If not, they will surely offer you some better options to choose from.



5. Will I gain ownership of the website once it’s completed?


Know whether you will have a complete ownership of your domain name once your website is completed or if everything fails between you and the agency. Ask if they will be giving you the all the login details to the website.



6. Who owns the right to the site’ s images/artworks?


While some of the web designers own the copyright to their original artwork, it is important that you know the policies and negotiate with them in advance how you will be given complete ownership to your website’s contents.



7. Do you offer emergency services to broken websites?


If you are an online business that looks to having your website up at all times, ask the web design company if they would be able to offer support in any case that the website encounters errors or gets broken.



8. What do you need to start building my website?


When you are ready and have found a successful candidate to design your website, ask them all the necessary information they needed from you to be able to start work on your website as soon as possible and finish it according to the agreed timeline.


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