The Psychology of Colours According to Brand Experts and Marketers

September 21, 2018

Colour, as defined in the dictionary, is “the property possessed by an object that produces diverse feeling on the eye because of the way the object reflects or emits light”.

Now, just imagine, if that object can produce such different feelings to the eye, then what more can it do to the mind? Colour is so powerful that it can influence both mind and body.

Do you feel at peace in a blue room? Does yellow make you hungry? Why is green perceived as the colour of envy? Let us learn how these and other colours affect how you feel, behave and how it affects your brand.


You might be living in the city and that whenever you go to the countryside where there are lots of trees, forests and grass, you would feel instantly relaxed. It feels like you’re breathing clean air, it makes you feel that different kind of release especially after a stressful day at work. Why? According to Paul Brunton, Green is nature’s colour, it is restful, soothing, cheerful and health giving.

Ever notice why vegan, organic and health store brands have green theme on them? Well, Green is believed to relieve tension and is thought to help with healing.


Pink is compassion, love and romance. It is the colour of femininity. Can you think of brands associated with this colour? Cosmetic Clinics? Yes! Ok, so this is the reason why we think cosmetic clinics go for pink… it’s because it targets women! Do you believe it? Though there are probably more male surgeons than women, still, about 92% of cosmetic surgeries are performed and done on women. So, if you’re planning on building a cosmetic brand soon, go for pink, we find it effective.


This colour is the most that is favored by people especially by men. It is said that blue is somewhat old-fashioned and that the mind finds it tranquil and makes you feel secure. Now, we might have noticed this colour on some banks and we think that the reason for this is because these banks wanted to make you feel youre at peace with them, and that your money and investments are secured. But, be warned. If youre planning on using blue on your food brand, think again. Blue is one of the least appetizing colours. You might have heard some advice for you to eat on a blue plate when you wanted to lose some weight. Use this colour if you want your consumers to describe you as secure, orderly and tranquil.




Yellow grabs attention. Remember the time when you need to memorize a line on a book that they’d advice you to highlight it with a yellow highlighter? Some find it effective while some doesn’t. Yellow is energetic that’s why it is suited to be used on multivitamin brands, but, because the colour is “too energetic” people find it aggressive and oftentimes they find it annoying when surrounded by yellow. Always remember this rule, too much of anything is bad.




Purity, sanitation and freshness are often associated to white in terms of branding and marketing.  most brands use a great deal of white in their logos. Can you think of famous brands who use this on their logos and marketing? To name a few, they are Starbucks, Gap, Adidas, Gucci, North Face and so much more.




Versatility, luxury, seriousness, mystery, boldness as well as unhappiness, death, sadness, mourning, these are all associated with the colour Black. It can represent many things therefore can be in combination with other colours.


Chipotle, McDonalds, Vans, Audi, Red Bull, Toyota, Budweiser, H&M. These are some of the brands that use red in their brands. Red exudes confidence, power, energy, desirability, passion, strength and so much more positive characteristics. It’s a no brainer why these brands picked this colour.


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