How to Do a Parallax Scrolling on Wix

June 18, 2020

Parallax Scrolling is a special scrolling technique wherein the background images all over the web page moves slower than the frontal images which then creates a two-dimensional illusion on the site.


In 2011, parallax scrolling has made big waves in web design. A lot of web design trends have come and go and yet, parallax has become so recognised that until now, it is being used.


Let’s take a deeper look at parallax scrolling.


Based on optical illusion, that’s what parallax is. The idea is that our eyes tend to see objects closer to us as lager than the things that are far and because of this, we see far away images as if they are moving slowly.


The illusion has been adopted into parallax  throughout different mediums that creates a realistic result. Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first one to use this technique in their animation.


If you are using Wix, here are some steps on how you can turn on parallax scrolling on your website:


1. In the Editor, tick on ‘Add’ on the left menu, then choose ‘Strip.’


2. Tick on ‘Change Strip Background.’ You can change the background to any colour, image or video.


3. Tick on ‘Settings’ on the Strip Background, and under  ‘Scroll Effects’ choose the preferred effect (Parallax, Reveal, Zoom-In or Fade-In). Choose Parallax.


4. Take a look at the effect in action in Preview mode, and make changes as needed or as necessary.



If you don’t want to set this up manually, you can check out some of the templates in the Wix websites and find some beautiful and really interesting web design templates for you website.


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