paid advertising

Reach a more targeted audience through Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter Ads

Paid media is simply referred to marketing efforts done externally requiring paid partnerships. This can be through Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn, Twitter ads or Google ads. With Paid Media, businesses are guaranteed reached. This can help you up your brand  by helping you target specific audiences and generate leads suitable leads that are more likely to buy a product or service from you.


Reach a wide set of audiences that is dependent on your marketing budget which also allows you to bring in high quality traffic to your website which also beneficial to your Search Engine Optimisation efforts.

PAid Advertising Process

Transparency & Accountability

Workdog is completely transparent when it comes to your ads. A little part of the your budget goes to administration of the campaign and most of it goes out to your paid ads.

performance & creativity

The message you want to convey to your audiences are well thought of by our team of creatives and marketing specialists to ensure that your ad is engaging and reaches the right people.

planning & strategy

Without proper planning and strategy, any campaign will fail that is why our team dedicated in paid advertising sit together to come up with a plan and strategies that surely works.

analysis & reporting

Every campaign is analysed and adjusted as necessary and at the end of the month or of every campaign we will give you a full report of your ad's performance.

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What Our Clients Say..

— Zoe Randall

“Workdog has been incredibly supportive in starting a new online business with me, especially with building a landing page in a three day turn around.”

Client Satisfaction guaranteed


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your ad is 100% tailored to suit the needs of your company. Our campaigns are built to run in locations that will produce great results and results that matter.


We would love to help your business grow!

Frequently asked questions

Paid Advertising

Why do I need an advertising agency in running paid ads?

Running paid advertisements is time consuming. If not done right, chances are your ads may flop. Platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter are always changing and because of this, some ads need constant adjustments, optimisation and edits and that is why you need an agency like Workdog to do this right for you.

I'm not located in Sydney, can Workdog still be my ads agency?

Definitely! Whether you are located in Sydney or far from Sydney, even if you are a business operating in other parts of the world, you can still seek our help. One thing Workdog loves to do is helping business grow and we'd love to help you out! Just send us a message and we'll get back to you shortly.

How transparent are you when it comes to paid advertising?

Your budget is mostly use for your campaign with a little bit of it set towards the administration of your campaign. To learn more about how we set it, just drop us a message.


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