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Being radically transparent, before you start thinking we're too expensive; here's how we charge, we have calculated an hourly rate for our services which allows for what it costs us to do this plus a profit margin. 

We allocate hours to a project, so we take this hourly rate and multiply it by the hours we've allocated for the project brief. It can also vary depending on skills needed. 

Reverse Brief

You've got a good idea but you don't know where to start, creatively speaking, and you need fresh pair of eyes and a brain to look over, a reverse brief does that, takes the idea, questions it, finds out the ideal goals and outcomes and works backward to identify what the assignment should be. You'll have your takeaways in form of a, well, brief.

From collective 10 hours from WDC team.


Brand Audit

For established brands/businesses we'll take a look into how you engage with your audience and how they react back. Maybe there's a gap or a link that needs fixing. Maybe that's your tone of voice, or maybe it's your colours.

We recommend opting for a brand audit if you don't know where to begin or you want to know what's possible for your brand.
From collective 10 hours.


Brand Basics

This is a toe dip into branding. Fantastic for our startups or side hustlers who don't have the capital but need quality. Development of logo (existing or new) via 2-3 concepts. Brand Booklet will include logotypes, typography, colour schemes and how to use it all.

From collective 50 hours.


Brand Identity

This is a deeper dive into branding and it's all about building a personality around specific messages. This is brains and beauty, this is narrative and visual, strategy and design. We R&D your brand producing concepts with tonal direction, strategy direction and visual representation. All packaged up into a masterpiece we call the Brand Bible.

From collective 120 hours.


Branding Essentials

For our startups and side hustlers, the Branding Essentials Package gives you all the foundation work you need to get that idea off the ground. Focusing on the areas that matter the most in the beginning. Includes logotypes, typography, iconography, stationery design, tone of voice, brand taglines, writing rules and a custom designed/built website.

From collective 200 hours


Digital Deconstruction

This Web Audit but better.

A great place to start if you aren't allowed or don't want to touch your branding. We'll tell you how you're coming across on your website and on social platforms, whom you're likely attracting and what may be the problem.

Could be a tone of voice problem or it could be visual. We'll brief you on this all and give you suggestions on par with your business goals.

From collective 15 hours.


Website Design 

Note* We can only do web design projects if you have a brand book or if you will be getting one, otherwise we're going in blind with no guidelines!

We'll design a flow that tackles both your goals and engages with your audience in the most organic way possible. This is for design only and doesn't include development.

From collective 80 hours. 


Website Design & Development 

We'll design a flow that tackles both your goals and engages with your audience. We'll develop the design into a functioning website.

From collective 150 hours.

"Can I get a number 4 and a number 8 please?"

This is our most common offering, however, if you do not see what you're looking for here, or you're unsure, send us a DM on Instagram, give us a call or email. 


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