Meet The Team

Lily Kachaz

Position: Creative Director 

Speciality: Wild Imagination

Passion: Books & Painting

Favourite Dog: Gampr

Any Dogs: Yes! Jack Russel x Pomeranian

Marine Despe

Mary Grace

Position: SEO & SEM Specialist

Speciality: Search Engine Optimisation

Passion: Reading, ah the smell of books

Favourite Dog: Dont have a fave!

Any Dogs: Beagle!

Position: Graphic Designer 

Speciality: Logos & Branding

Passion: Horse Riding

Favourite Dog: Labrador 

Any Dogs: Two Cross Breeds 

Gary Aknian

Position: Business Development 

Speciality: Sales

Passion: Basketball - Golden State Woah!

Favourite Dog: ...Wolf

Any Dogs: Not yet!

Tanya Jay

Position: Account Manager

Speciality: Customer Service

Passion: Coffee & Food

Favourite Dog: Bird?

Any Dogs: No, but a bird..