7 New Ideas for Instagram Posting

June 21, 2019

For businesses posting on Instagram, there comes some days that we don’t know what to post or can’t even think of what sort of posts to schedule for the whole week ahead. We’ve all been there, but we need to keep on going because we are obligated to keep our pages active and our audiences up to date because, that’s how we keep them – by providing entertaining or useful content whilst keeping your brand and style. 


If you’re feeling stuck with ideas for your next Instagram posts, here is a list of concepts you can incorporate for your Instagram postings.


1. Tutorial

If you are in creative designing, why not create a simple video tutorial on how to create a logo or maybe teach your audience or show them your craft. Engage your audience through tips and give them some helpful advice.


2. A Typical Day in The Office

Another idea to keep your audience engaged with your content is to give them an idea of a typical day in the office, your workmates, what you are currently doing. This can be a photo or a video. Show them the mood in your office, the weather outside or maybe give them a quick tour around through a short video.


3. What Are You Having On A Meeting

Are you currently on a meeting or a gathering in your office? What are your having? Coffee? Tea? Or perhaps your favourite pasta. It can also probably be a big buffet for lunch? Give your audience a glimpse of what you are having and they’ll surely love it!


4. Your Work Day Outfit

Today might be a special day in the office that rather than wearing a uniform, you are all wearing something different, like a costume, a cocktail dress, a yellow shirt for a cause. Document it, show it to the world!


5. Theme of The Week/Month

A theme for the week or a month is another way of showcasing your talent and creative side. This can be a colour that you can apply on a new brand and show your audience.


6. Apps That You Love

Your audiences are constantly looking for apps they can use for their daily activities. These can be an exercise app, collage for images, video editing app, photo image filters, games and a lot more.


7. A Sneak Peak on A New Project

Are you working on a new project, but not ready to give the viewers a full reveal? Just post a little snippet of what’s going on and create a little mystery. You can also post your to do list or a couple of your materials or areas on the map where you are planning to take your new adventure.



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