3 of The Best Marketing Strategies During Covid-19 Pandemic

May 1, 2020

Let’s face it. Nobody foresaw this coming. No one expected it will be this way. Every business big or small all over the world has been greatly affected by the present health crisis, and the economy is experiencing downfall in every country. While we do not see what’s going to happen in the future, we cannot let this present situation control or even stop us from doing business, we are not saying we break the rules, but rather continue using other and new avenues to reach out to your customers bringing in profit for your business but at the same time follow the government’s orders.


In today’s article, learn about 3 of the best strategies that you may use to adapt to the present health crisis.


1. Digital Marketing Campaigns


Take advantage of the fact that everyone is mostly at home, watching tv, listening on the radio, browsing their social media accounts or scurrying the web for interesting content. Some are also forced to work at home as some businesses are allowed to operate only with their skeletal force. It is a great time and a chance to let people know you exist. Create campaigns for brand awareness or if selling is possible through online, create ads that would bring your product or services in front of customers and target audiences. This is not the time to stop marketing, but a time to adapt to changes.



2. Google My Business


Are you set up for Google My Business? If not, set your account up. If you already do have one, update your listing as your customers are eager to know how you operate during this time. Are you open or close? Are you offering you making your products and services available online? Are you operating on reduced hours? Let your customers know.


If you are closed during this time, don’t be afraid of letting people know if you’re closed as this won’t affect your current rankings.



3. Social Media Platforms


Never stop posting updates or products or blog articles on your social media channels. People are mostly online, let them know you’re still there and still active or if you are taking orders, how you are managing during this health crisis, or just provide uplifting messages or quotes.



Remember, be responsible for what you are posting online as there can be lots of fake news circulating around social and media and it is dangerous to give customers wrong advice which could potentially damage your reputation. Also, make sure you are following rules set by the government, such as social distancing. It only takes one complaint to ruin your businesses’ reputation.



Has your business been affected? Let us do you your marketing for you now and pay us later! Contact us today.


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