The Marketing Checklist to Guarantee Your Business Success Story

February 20, 2019

Every business has its story, it could be painful or what everyone could ever hope for - successful one. But, how can you guarantee to achieve the promise of success if you have no idea what steps you should be taking.

A business, to stand from a competition should establish a solid plan. Doing this avoids unnecessary strains especially when you are stunned by too much marketing. Planning can provide you with a strong focus on how you can grow your business.

In this article, learn how you can get organized through these following steps guarantee to make your business a success story.


1. Review your marketing efforts

If you have done some marketing efforts in the past, e.g. social media marketing, you can pinpoint from the results what has worked and what hasn’t. Analyse your campaigns and eliminate what is not performing and stick to what is.


2. Spy on your competitors.

Another great way to up your marketing game is to know what your competitors are doing. Figure out they are missing and fill it in. Once you have done this, apply this on your marketing strategy and your one step ahead of your competition.


3. Reach out with lost customers.

If you know anything about moving on, this is now the time to do it. Everyone makes mistakes and as the saying goes “time heals everything”. It’s time to reach out again to the people who lost interest in your product or services.  Give them a call or send them an email campaign. Offer them something great that they cannot refused.


4. Update your target audiences.

Are your audiences still relevant? If you have done some major updates to your business, maybe it’s time to review if the same audiences are still interested with your products or services. Offer more if this could add up a notch in addition to your existing customers.


5. Consult an expert to create your strategy.

Devising a marketing strategy is a hard task, you may need to consult with an expert in order to achieve the goals of your business in the event that you get lost.


6. Create an Editorial Calendar.

Once you have your goals in place, build a content calendar to keep track of your marketing activities. To make things easier for you, read our article on how to build an editorial calendar and download our template.


7. Are you on the same platform as your audience?

As we always say, be where your customers are. It’s always a good idea to setup on a platform where you will find your audiences spending most of their time. Know which social media platform will work best for your business.


8. Social Share on Website.

If you want people seeing more of you or sharing what they read that interests them, directly on their social media pages, why not give them an easy way to do it? Put a link of your social media pages for easy access to your social profiles or add a share button to your posts.


If you need a marketing strategy tailored for your business and become a success story, setup a free consultation with Workdog, today.


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