I am Lily

The Director at Workdog Creative, aka, The Topdog

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My motivation for Workdog Creative was the absence of a real authentic marketing agency that covers all aspects of creative and digital marketing. I felt a real lack of enthusiasm and originally in the market. Often times, big trends come out and everyone jumps on to recreate their own similar version, but where is the strategy and authenticity in that? 

The team and I are all outside the box thinking, we challenge conventional methodologies and push designs to be a true reflection of each client and project. Take a look at the breakdown of our team! 



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Workdog disturbs the marketing space by challenging conventional marketing methods . We do not believe in a one size fits all system. Every client is different and we understand vision. Our objective is to make you and you stand out as authentically as possible.


Our philosophy is simple. We are big on quality and this should never be compromised. You will never be presented with anything less than perfect. We are not just a marketing agency, we are here to help you grow and be the best you can be. 

Our mission is to empower you and bring what you believe in, to life. We are your biggest fan. 


Creativity is Intelligence having fun.

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We are a multifaceted creative agency at the crossroads of branding, creative and digital marketing.

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I wanted to bring back originality, authenticity and enthusiasm. I treat absolutely every project as if it were my own, with excitement and originality. The Team is not afraid to go against crowd trends to really bring on great results.

 I'm here to make you look good because, at the end of the day, your success is my success. 

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The Workdog team consists of handpicked graphic designers, branding specialists, technology-driven specialists, and online marketing connoisseurs. Together, the team creates remarkable designs and strategies for ultimate project goals. 

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