Learn Graphic Design Through These 4 Simple Techniques

July 1, 2019

Some think that to be a graphic designer, you must go to school to learn to do it. While this is true, some also become as such – successfully, even without the formalities.

If you dream to be a graphic designer and wanted to change careers, but don’t have enough time and the means to go to school once again, then you’ll be very glad to know that you can hack your way to becoming a graphic artist simply by following these techniques.


1. Observation

Being able to observe and learn the process of how one does graphic designing is relevant to learning the skill. Try to focus your attention to the simplest details and then once you have mastered how to do it, then you can move on to the next level.


2. Learn Some Drawing Basics

Practice makes everything perfect. You don’t have to spend time joining a group session drawing naked ladies or a basket of fruit. Go grab a picture of something you think you can start on. Look at a lot of drawing books and begin sketching.


3. Learn Graphic Design Fundamentals

Find Reliable Tutorials or Inspirations Online. There are those offered by schools, universities, experts in this field and online course hub like Skillshare, Lynda or Udemy. You may teach yourself at your own pace through manuals and videos that you can buy or pay monthly at a very low price.


4. Study Photoshop and Illustrator

Photoshop and Illustrator are just the basic apps you need to learn to be able to start your career as a graphic design artist. These apps are what most people in the graphic industry use to create their masterpieces.


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