7 Ideas on How to Take Advantage of Instagram Carousel

September 20, 2019

The carousel feature on Instagram are being utilized by businesses to promote and serve their clients as well as generate more new leads. As we know, Instagram is the best social media platform for organic engagements. It is practical, concise and is a very effective way to engage people and deliver to them your marketing spiels.

If you would like to use Instagram carousels to promote your businesses and don’t know where to start, we’ve put together 7 ways on how you start using carousel ads for your business. Read on!


1. Unveiling of Your Products

If you are looking for an ideal method of introducing your products to your customers, take advantage of carousels. Carousel is a new way to excite your audience and because about 80% of users follows businesses, it is no brainer that this is a better platform to show off your products or services.


2. Make Over or Before and After Transformation

Another way of showing how a product or service work is posting about the before and after photos after a project. Show how what you offer is appropriate to your customers.


3. Carousel of Videos or Images

If you have a full-length video that is too enormous to share on Instagram or maybe a number of images, you may take use of the carousel. You can choose the highlights of your video and share it to your audience via carousel.


4. Show Off Your Brand Character

Instagram is the ideal spot to construct your image and show your business’s culture. Show the individuals behind the company and feature the members of your team who makes the business what it is now. Highlight each one in your team and a bit of their craft.


5. Summary of Events

Did you just have a recent company event like a charity work, a new product launch or a support event? With carousel, you can now show what transpired in your business occasions.


6. Blog Teaser

Another example of using carousel to your Instagram post is to create a teaser images of your blog post without giving the whole content out.


7. Client Testimonials

Posting your client testimonials by way of carousels is also an extraordinary way of creating more leads and keeping the current!


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