Increase Your Blog Traffic with These Catchy Headlines

September 13, 2019

It mat be given that you can already write a good content, but to get people to read it is another story. Headlines are deemed as an important part of your content. This is because it is the deciding factor for your target audience to determine if they would open it or not.

To write catchy headlines is just as important as writing a good and quality content. One must think carefully what title would work while being aligned with the content.

Are you struggling to write catchy headlines? Here are some examples that would guarantee increase in your blog traffic, as well as get more click throughs.


1. Use of Comparison or Superlatives

When we say headlines containing comparisons, these have the words such as better, best, most and superlatives such as smallest, biggest, smartest and the likes – you probably get the idea.



2. “Easy” Goes A Long Way

People read blogs because they need help or seek answers to the problems they are facing. And let’s face it, we all want the word “easy” when it comes to obtaining solutions. Not only does this word promises an outright solution, but it is clear, easy to understand and straight to the point.



3. The Promises Behind the “Whys'

We are attracted to “whys" simply because the word questioning an idea will then offer a better solution. It also inspires us to try a new idea or change to the new one completely.



4. Add Some Numbers

Numbers stick to every readers mind that is why a lot of bloggers incorporate this in their headlines. It was said that numbers attracted readers even before the internet has boomed. It was used in magazines and newspapers and worked like magic!



5. Offer Help With “Hows"

People read your blog because they seek help. Here are some examples:


Whatever you do, never make false promises. If you need help writing content for the website, send us a message.


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