How Important are Google Reviews to Your Business?

February 7, 2020

Google Reviews are important to you and your business as it gives out vital information that are also of value to your customers. These reviews or feedbacks can appear on Google Search and Map listings which make your business stand out from this so-called Search giant.


If you would like to request a review from a customer, you can send them the short link of your business profile and ask them to write what they thought about your business, its products and/or services, but before doing that make sure that these reviews meet the strict guidelines of Google which includes fairness and authenticity as these are the things that will offer value to a review.


Now, let’s get to the best part, how are Google Reviews important to you and your business?



Boost Credibility


Today, a lot of businesses claim a lot of things about themselves which may or may not be true. Google Reviews provides transparency which gives you a clear picture of what the business looks like in their true form. It gives you a look beyond what was advertised as you will read the actual experiences of customers regarding their product, services and the people behind the business. This is the reason why it is important to build trust among your customers that when they leave your premises or try out a product or services, you are confident enough that they won’t bad mouth you.



Improves Local SEO and Online Presence


It is true that Google Reviews can increase your popularity and level of trustworthiness. Google loves authenticity. It also loves how you make it effortless for people to find you at your location. The more trustworthy and informative you are, the more Google sees your value, therefore this will increase your chances to a better ranking position.



Increase Website Traffics


A keen business grabs every opportunity to promote their website links online, but this is of no value if not anyone is clicking on it and this is where the importance of Google Reviews come in. When people see how great and authentic your reviews are, they will surely consider coming to your website, hence increasing visits to your website.



Converts Leads into Customers


When an onlooker sees the reviews on your business, you will now have a greater chance of getting visits to your website and once this lead sees something that attracted them to the business, there is big possibility that they will now be a customer.


Now, you see how important Google Reviews are? But before asking your customers to leave you a review, make sure that you have gained their trust, otherwise don’t be surprise if they leave you a bad remark. You may also want to take note, that Reviews will only show if you have a verified business and qualified to appear in Search, Maps and other Google services. In the event that a person who was not your customer left a bad review on your profile, you may ask Google to conduct a review by ‘flagging it’. If Google found the review to violate their policies, it will be removed.



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