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IGM Group.


Backing an established and reputable business with the branding it deserves. 

A team of specialists who focus on real investment growth management through the 3 profound pillars; lending, property and development. In our R&D workshop, we figured out the problem statement with how they looked and were perceived in their industry. 

By understanding their unique POD's we were able to amalgamate 3 different services under one core brand and message. 

Observe and Understand 

We observed that grey area in the 3 industries and we brought together this one common denominator. Once we had that, we understood the assignment. 


What We Did

Understanding the truly unique offering, we got working on looking as niche as we were. and by we, we mean us and the IGM team. #teamspirit


We distinguished client avatars so as we worked we knew who the end viewer is.

Created a customer journey map in line with ideal goals which translates to articulate design with the most subtle CTA's (call to actions). 

All the backend and groundwork of Logotyping, branding assets and brand building as a given. Total rebrand front to end. 

Here's the website;


A Closer Look

Reverse briefed to identify problem statement.

R&D for tone of voice kick off and brand development workshop. 

Proposal of initial concepts and directions. 

Hone down on concept and execute TOV and brand visuals. 

Project print material design and signage. 

Site map and wireframe design.

Design development. 

Functionality development.

Publishing and testing.

Maybe Your Brand Needs a Facelift Too?

A rebrand helps remember why you do what you do in the first place and why you're better than old mate down the road who does the same. 

It doesn't need to be drastic, it doesn't have to be expensive. Just needs to make sense and give you the confidence to do you.

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