8 Simple Steps to Follow in Writing an Instagram Caption

March 20, 2020

Do you desire to improve engagement for your Instagram posts? Well, there are certain things you should know before you succeed in your goal.


Copy, value and context are important when writing an Instagram caption. Captions can be long or short, this really depends on the writer, but there are instances that your follower may just scroll through your post without reading the captions. Why?


It is said that, photos without caption is like a book without title. Looking at the title gives you a general sense of knowing what it is about. And on this note, you would know how important captions are as you really wouldn’t like to buy a book without a title, right?



If you would like to write the perfect caption for you Instagram post, there are several simple steps you should follow in order to do this.



Understand the Photo or Video


Because there are times that you are just provided with a photo or video of what to post, but oftentimes it is up to you what to write a relevant caption, we suggest asking what they are about. Collect important information about the photo or if it is a video, watch it for you to be able to understand what it is about. Once you get the “picture” of what they are about, ideas will flow to your mind on how you should write your caption.



Write a Few Drafts


Have you ever been in a situation that you decided writing what comes first to your mind then later regretted it? That should not be our attitude when creating a caption. Write a few drafts and then decide on the best option.



Optimise For Mobile Viewing


Did you know that Instagram post caption has 125 characters before you click “more” to read more from it? This is a reason to optimise and place all the important words in the first 125 characters of your post.



Caption Your Brand Story


Another idea to write a caption is to tell a short story about your brand in just a few words coupling it with optimism. Words like ‘joy,’ ‘iconic,’ or “creative’ are a few examples. You can also substitute a brand story with promotion your products or services.



Add Calls to Action


Calls to action increases engagement to your followers. Calls to action encourages your audience to do something about your post. Some example of calls to action are words like ‘share your story in the comments section’, ‘double-tap if you find this helpful’. Other calls to action can be in a question form, examples are ‘where do you plan to go this weekend’, ‘how do you feel about this picture’, ‘what’s your mood today’. You may also direct people to see a direct link in your bio for more information.



Use Emojis to Show Your Personality


Appeal to your audience or personalize your brand with emojis to include in your captions. This strategy has been proven effective and has been used in social media platforms. It is said that posts with emojis have higher engagement than those without. This will also tell something about your personality.



Include Hashtags


Hashtags are very effective in Instagram. As Instagram allows its users to follow a specific hashtag, chances of your post getting more engagement is guaranteed, but remember that hashtags should be relevant to your photo/video, brand, interests and target audiences to be effective.



Use '@Mention '


If you’ve heard of Instagram Influencers, then you would know that they could help you connect with more audiences. Influencers have huge followings and they impact their followers decision. Connect yourself to them and reach their followers. Use the ‘@ mention’ to tag an influencer.



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