THIS is How to Promote Your Business Locally

March 13, 2020

If you dream to become big one day, you have to start by thinking small. Thinking small isn’t necessarily bad, it is your first step to becoming BIG. It is said that to accomplish something great, we need to break our BIG goals into small ones. Think LOCAL.


This is what we mean by this, it would be best to take on and rule the local market as your first step.


There are many ways you can do to help your small business survive locally that will also keep you ahead of your competition. Learn what most local businesses do in terms of their marketing by learning how to adapt the modern way of marketing your business.



Setup a Business Website


Why do small businesses need a website? You may think that because you’re just small that you don’t need to have a website. Well, this is where we say you’re wrong!


Because of mobile phones and other hand held devices, people nowadays find what they need or what they want to look for online. If you miss out on this chance, you will lose customers because they move on to other businesses offering the same products or services that’s offering same as you do just because they can’t find you. To first establish an online presence, you need to have your very own website.



Setup a Google My Business Account


The key to help you be found online ‘locally’ is by getting your business listed on Google My Business. Google My Business is a tool for business owners to handle their presence online. This tool is free of charge and helps you show on Google, mobile, google maps and local searches. From this tool, you can edit your listing and provide the following important information about your business: address, phone, trading hours, directions to your business and link to your website. You may also add other information such as a description of your business, photos of your business or of your portfolio.


Sharing an update about the business is also possible and people can also leave a review and star rating which will add up to how trustworthy your business is which will help bring more confidence to people to patronize your business. You may read our article on How Important are Google Reviews to Your Business, here.



Connect to Local Groups


Gaining exposure whenever possible will do lot for your business in the long run. Get connected with a local group like your local Chamber of Commerce or a brochure exchange to get connected with residents and other business owners. This will require a small fee, but we say go for it!



Join a Charity Event


As part of a local community, you have to be recognised as part of it by giving back. If you’re generous, don’t be ashamed of it, the locals wanted to know how you help others through charitable causes. According to some studies, some people tend to switch to other businesses when they learned how charitable they are.



Grow Your Social Media Following


People are found on social media, and if you want to establish your presence online, be where they are. Be available for them in social media platforms. Provide them all vital information they need so they can contact you. You can also run contests that will entitle them to prizes, you also post discounts and run them as social media paid ads.



Local Directory Listings


Listing your business on local directories helps you through the following:


  • Increases your online presence

  • Enhances your local profile

  • Draws customers to your business

  • Increase engagement to your business

  • Helps promote the business through word of mouth

  • Adds up to your reputation as a business

  • More people become drawn to your business because of brand awareness

  • Improves your website’s presence as it helps with SEO



Work With Local Influencers


Influencers are people who have a large following on social media. Partnering with them can help you establish brand awareness and reach more people. This will cost you probably hundred bucks or offering them something in return for promoting your business, but these influencers have high engagement rates and audiences trust their recommendations.





Start postings blogs on your website. Blogging helps with your SEO, but when you do this, make sure that it offers value to your readers.



As your goal is to dominate the local market, it is necessary to follow the above to help you establish your presence and move on to a bigger market. Focus on smaller goals which are part of a BIGGER goal, let us help you grow your business, today and make us part of your journey.


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