100% Proven Effective Ways on How to Grow Your Email List

January 18, 2019

As you may have heard or read in some articles, sending emails to your clients and getting them in the loop of what’s happening in your company is still the best way of keeping them in the long run.


This is true. Building a long-term relationship with customers involves communication. You can transmit information to your customers or receive valuable details from them through their feedbacks. You may also show your appreciation for them by providing some important and relevant information and getting them notified by sending them new and great finds as well as discounts.


There really is more to email marketing. It’s not just any note, but a letter that shows how grateful you are to them for considering your business and making you at the top of their minds.


And now that you know how important email marketing is, let’s get to the difficult part.


You may have ideas ready for your first email marketing campaign, but you don’t have any to send them to! You may ask yourselves, how do you really build and grow your list of email subscribers?


In this article, we have enumerated some of the best and 100% proven ways on how to do this. Let’s start!


Understand the Basics


For newbies, it is important to know that you cannot build an email list without a channel where your customers can sign-up in order for them to avail of what you offer! If you have your website, make sure to create a sign-up form and place it somewhere in the website where customers can easily see it. Make sure it grabs attention that is just enough for customers to click on that magical “subscribe” button.


You can also add a Sign-Up button on your Facebook page and link it to a URL where they can sign up or take action.



Giving Back


Are you familiar with the saying, “It is in giving that we receive”? This same principle applies to what you’re after and in this case, a heap of subscribers! Provide your customers with valuable information upon signing up. Make it impossible for them to unsee and turn away from it. Offer them learning tips, give them discounts, show them how to’s, freebies or any possible, legal, decent things you can offer and surely, they won’t pass the chance.



Create Engaging Content


The key to keeping your customers is to engage them through your content.


One idea of a content is to create challenges that will make your customers and all your other target audiences excited about you. Have your customers answer a trivia or submit a photo and award them when they signed up and participated in this sort of challenges.



Promote Your Content


The best way for your customers and target audiences to see what you offer is by means of promoting it through your social media accounts. They can either be by paid ads or organic posts. Make sure to write engaging captions and don’t forget to link it where your audience can subscribe to you and take advantage of your offers.


Social Share


When youre ready to send that first email campaign, don’t forget to add the Share button so your subscribers can share it on their friends list!


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