6 Tips on How to Design Your Very Own Newsletter

February 28, 2020

Designing a newsletter is no doubt a hard task for digital marketers, even with the most experienced ones. The reason why we said it is hard is because not only are you after producing a great content but also of great visuals. Newsletters should be engaging to your customers, but before we go into details on how to create your very own email newsletter, let us first define the difference between email newsletter and marketing email.



Email Newsletter vs Marketing Emails


Email Newsletters are frequent emails that has informational content, or a roundup content summed up in pieces that users can read and scroll through. This does not contain any products but rather just information which are important and beneficial to the subscriber.


Marketing Emails on the other hand, are emails that encourages the subscriber to download app or information or coax the customers to purchase products or services.



Now that you have a clear understanding of the two, let’s get into the details on how to create a design for your very own newsletter.



1. Create Original Content


Newsletters aren’t just a collection of displayed links but somewhat discrete wherein subscribers can get important and helpful information even without leaving their inbox.



2. Include Calls-to-Action


If the goal is to drive customers or subscribers to your website to read more information about a snippet of content in your newsletter, you need to add calls-to-action.


Some examples of calls-to-actions are:

  • Learn More

  • Read More

  • Discover

  • Explore



3. Use Images


Using images to your newsletter will make it more interesting and engaging. Make sure to add not just any images but those which are relevant keeping in mind that the result is clean. Avoid too much images that will make the final result cluttered. Some digital marketers opt for minimalist designs or templates. In some cases, some chooses plain texts to and does indeed work for some brands, topics or subscribers.



4. Keep Brand Consistency


Keeping your brand’s consistency simply means sticking to your theme. The easiest way to create a template is to create a header and footer that you cause over and over for your campaigns. This will help your subscribers distinguish you right just by looking at it.



5. Fonts and Colour


Whenever you create a newsletter, choose fonts that are easy to read. Colours will also play an important part in creating your newsletter. Choose colors that matches and doesn’t blur out the texts. There are certain free apps that could help you create your color schemes such as coolors.co. You can try this out for free.



6. Further Up Engagement


Encourage your customers to engage to your business more. You can do this by adding on your newsletter buttons for your social media accounts Encourage them also to share your content through these social media buttons.



If you need help creating newsletters or marketing emails for your customers or you are a startup company looking to reach potential customers through online marketing, just send us a message and we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.


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