Step by Step Instructions to Creating a Beautiful Personalised Map

November 1, 2019

Most of us love the outdoors. We definitely love the idea of travelling, hiking, sitting inside cafés drinking coffee and eating pastries. Oh, the joy it brings! We are loving every moment and we remember those places that brings us such joys.

Then, we’ ve recently came across an article and we felt that it was really inspiring and has fueled our creative imagination. We thought, why not?! Places we love and go to leaves an imprint in our hearts and minds. It is not easy to forget them and because we are so amazed by them, we wanted to share it to people – family, friends, acquaintances and a whole lot more.

Creating a map of the places we love is a great way of sharing people our wonderful experiences. It provides a whimsical feeling that can be expressed by printing those maps on our stationaries, for events or your books. It also provides a touch of personalization.

As this has inspired us, we would love to share this with you, so we can all create a beautiful personalised map that can be shared to people through our stationaries, life events or our books. Read on!


Remembering Places of Inspiration

The first thing you need to do is to go back to the memories of the places that you love. It can be a café, a mountain, another country or town or any other places that left an imprint on your hearts and minds. It doesn’t matter if it’s near or far.


Collect Images

After deciding on the place, there are a lot of free images, icons, and other elements that you can save and use later for creating your personalised map project. Pick the icons/images that resembles the elements of the place you wanted to recreate. If you don’t have any idea where you can find these free elements, we encourage you to read this.


Decide on The Program to Use

When deciding on the program to use, choose something that you are comfortable working with. You may use, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or other programs that are similar.


Design Your Map

Now, in designing your map, consider the following points:

  • Size

Establishing the size means you have to consider for what you are using this for. If it is for prints, then it should have a dpi of 300 resolution. If it is for the web (blogs, etc) then it should have a resolution of 72.

  • Background

Are you following a theme? If you are, choose a background colour that will make your elements standout. You can use textured backgrounds, water coloured backgrounds or anything you like as long as it will go well with your elements.


  • Place or Setting

Choose the place or setting. It can be a café in Paris, a camp under the stars or anything that left you with so much memories.


  • Icons/Images to Use

After preparing your background, and as we have said earlier, find some images or icons that will help you tell the story. If you choose the create your project using free elements, we encourage you to check this out.


  • Add title and texts

Adding texts to your personalised map project brings it to life. Add some explanations so people can understand what you are trying to tell them. Also add a title so that people can get the whole point of the map just by looking at it. Our tip is to use fonts that are stylish yet easy to read.


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