B2B Marketing: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Developing an Effective Buyer Persona

March 08, 2019

When you have started a business, have you ever wondered if you really know who your ideal buyers are? Have you even asked yourself what are their utmost concerns about the products and services you are offering them? Or, do you even know where to find them?


What is a buyer persona and how important are they?


Buyer persona is a semi fictional character that represents your ideal customer. Knowing how relevant they are in helping your sales and marketing efforts is a great way to making a strong connection with these customers.

To achieve an effective buyer persona, you must have a crystal-clear image of your buyer to create a detailed and powerful message or content that will make it easier for you to standout in a crowd of competition and be seen by the right audience -- know who exactly you need to attract or want to please with the right message and eventually get them onboard.



How to create an effective buyer persona?

Creating a buyer persona requires a lot of patience, research and analysis, and, evaluation. A curious mind and a prying eye are also needed to be able to identify them carefully. Let us help you create an effective buyer persona by following these steps:

1. Gather their Personal Background

First thing, the easiest way to connect to the right audience is to identify the following:

  • Who they are?

  • Identify their basic information e.g. age, gender, income

  • Where do they live (urban or rural area)?


If you’ re asking where to find them, one of the best tools we recommend is LinkedIn. Spend a few minutes in this platform or consult with your sales/marketing team.

2. What’s their Professional Background?

Do you tend to connect with managers or housewives or teenagers? These factors can help you identify them:

  • What are their education level?

  • Where do they work?

  • How much do they earn?

  • What skills do they have?

3. Know their Lifestyle.

Another thing you should be able to identify is how someone’s way of living are. Know:

  • What interests them?

  • What is their behavior and behavioral orientation?

  • What are their activities?

  • Which social platforms are they active?

4. Identify your buyer 's motivations, objectives and goals.

  • What drives them to buy a product/services?

  • What business goals do they have?

5. Identify the Brands they’ ve been using.

  • What products or services do they have in their company?

  • What interests them about those products or services and what they don’t like about them?

6. Know their frustrations, challenges as well as pain points.

  • What are their usual problems that needs help solving?

  • How do they meet their goals and objectives and what are their challenges in meeting those?

7. Know what their expressions or oppositions on a product are (or yours).

  • What makes them frustrated with a product similar or related to yours (or with yours)?

Understanding your customers through buyer personas is one of the most important keys into making your business a success. Need help achieving your marketing goals? Contact Workdog, today!


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