5 of The Hottest Trends in Logo Design

February 15, 2019

In our past article, we have covered some great tips in creating a logo design. This year, we would like to give you more of our insights and observations in logo designing that are a big hit this 2019. Don’t be left out! Know what’s hot and what’s out in this article.




Finding patterns in a plethora of great logo designs can be difficult and can sometimes cause a bit of confusion. But we’ve managed to bring about some of the hottest trends we’ve observed from big and new names in the business.



1. Plain, Natural, Easy to Understand


Simple designs in logo are becoming more and more of a trend. More brands are adapting to simple, minimal designs. They are stripping unnecessary elements from their design and enabling people to focus on the message they convey making them more effective.



2. Creatively Responsive


Have you noticed how logos now are becoming responsive that when you try to minimize your screen, it adapts to changes? Yes, brands are continuously improving how they portray themselves to people. Logos adapt to screen sizes and sometimes they change constantly depending on some serious algorithms.



3. Negative Spaces


Negative spaces are somewhat a clearance or spaces between and around the subject of an image. If you notice in the following examples of logos (grabbed from the internet), negative spaces form some fascinatingly relevant shapes and brings about some artistic effect which becomes the main subject of an image.

4. Flat 2.0


Flat 2.0 is also known as Semi-Flat. If you want to give your logo some dimensional feel to it, go for this trend. It also makes your presence online stronger.

5. Hand Drawn Logos


Because a lot of designers are now opting for a more modern logo designs, it is becoming harder to standout. This is the reason why some brands are embracing subtle, laid back and vintage logos, hence includes hand drawn logos. What we like about hand drawn logos is that it gives the brand that feeling of authenticity that entails them to their customers.

Feeling left out? If you need help in creating great logo designs for your business, send us a message, today, and we’ll help you standout amongst your competition.


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