5 of the Latest Trends in Graphic Designs

May 15, 2020

A few years back, we saw a lot more on minimalist designs and it just strengthened with no signs of abating as more and more in the marketing field are striving for transparency and reliability. This year, we have seen a lot of designers taking on new design trends and we are now seeing this new development in their current works.


Today, know the designs trends that designers have completely taken on this year 2020.



Cyber Funky Colour Schemes


Cyber Funky, groovy, hip. These are some of the characteristics of the designs we’ve seen so far this year. Designs are futuristic, bright, have neon colours in them which we don’t normally see in nature. These designs really give you that futuristic, urbanised and glowing feel and is frantically wanting more attention to drawn to themselves.



Street Style Designs


This year’s design has more edginess on them showing exuberance and freedom. Graffiti and street style designs are definitely making its comeback.



Abstract, Wistful, Ultra - Thin Geometry


Simple designs don’t have the capacity to draw too much attention, hence the incorporation of wistful, abstract and ultra-thin geometry into designs. Designs which have these elements gives the overall look of your design a mysterious feeling, modern and futuristic look.



Organic and Natural Look and Feel


In the past few years, we have seen the rise of organic and natural look and feel in designs and today it has only increased. Designers and marketing specialists still think that authenticity should be your number one priority. Today, you’ll see more designers opting for handmade, personally crafted, DIY type elements.



Intriguing Tactile Effects


Designs having an intriguing tactile effect is said to be partially real or dreamlike. These designs  have bright colours and unexpected placing of two things in order to show contrast. The general effect of such type of designs is strange yet beautiful.



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