How to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent and Kill It

November 09, 2018

According to a 2017 statistic, there are a total of 64,698 real estate agents all over Australia and about 20,520 real estate agents are in New South Wales.  If you’re one out of these numbers, how will you be able to stand out from the rest? How do you make yourself climb to at least the top 100 real estate agents list?

If you are a real estate agent looking to become popular amongst sellers and home buyers, then, you must become someone that they will be able to trust with confidence. Someone who will help them go all throughout the process and someone who will make things easier for them to deal with all the complexities of homeownership.

We’ve put up a list for real estate agents to follow and help them become successful in promoting themselves as a bonafide real estate agent.

Setup Social Media Accounts

We’re talking about the big social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Whichever social media platform that you find working for you the most, be there or be wherever your clients are.

Be Honest

We think that transparency is in when it comes to marketing. Your clients are already expecting that you will tell them only the good points about the location of the house and the house itself. Be different. Be honest. Tell them what they need to know about the house as well as the location. If they didn’t like it, offer them another one. For all you know, if you’ve been truthful and they like their new place for dwelling, there is a possibility that they will recommend you. Remember, your reputation as an agent might make or break you. Do you believe in the saying that words travel fast?


Business Cards to Die For

When you hand out a business card, wouldn’t you want that person to keep it and make them remember you through it? Don’t settle for the ordinary -- they might go straight to the bins.


Setup a Personal Website

Many of your clients and soon to be clients might be looking for you online and may do some digging about you, your achievements and what people say about you. In this digital age, expect your audience to be tech savvy and looking for what they want to know in the famous world wide web. Provide them with valuable information on your profile>. If you’re not aware of what information you need to place on your website, stay tuned for our next article.


Free Goodies

Nobody will say “ no ” to a giveaway. In fact, they will remember and may love you for that. Give your clients a pen, a mug, an organizer and other free goodies you can think of with your name on it -- beautified, prettified.


Keep Your Connections Open

If youre a real estate agent posting on social media, blogging or providing your information on the web or other medias, make sure that your lines are open for queries and most importantly, answer them. Be responsible enough to accommodate all your client’s questions.


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