Create an Effective and Creative Packaging Designs in 11 Easy Steps

March 29, 2019

Have you been shopping lately? Did you ever go through some products and been attracted as to how they’ve done their packaging and bought it?

Now, ask yourself, why did you buy that particular item? Did you buy it because you have a need for it or you just bought it because you had a strong urge to do it?

Have we got you thinking? Let’s say you needed a tea, you probably already have a brand in mind or maybe a brand you’ve grown accustomed to, but then, you saw this brand of tea with such a creative, incredible packaging that made you buy it and without second thoughts, dropped the brand you’ve been so used to drinking everyday for years and picked that new one because you though it was so worth it.

This is the reason why packaging is so important when it comes to standing out from your competition. You have to draw attention to your products, so people would buy it.


In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how you can create an effective and creative packaging that would help you sell your products effortlessly and standout from the crowd.

1. Make it Simple.

Being simple doesn’t mean that you won’t get enough attention for your products. Simplicity is the key to get your message across to buyers easily. Buyers are tired of seeing overwhelming messages on a product and minimalism is now a trend, especially when it comes to design, as it sends your message to buyers on point.

2. Bring the Experience through Packaging.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people could experience the luxury that comes with your product? Just put your self in your customers shoes. You’ll feel how special what is inside the packaging and how it was a good value for your money.

3. Get Creative with Playful Designs.

Playful designs go well with anything. It makes the packaging extra interesting. If you have the chance to do it, go for it! Don’t make any second thoughts, they will make you standout from the crowd.

4. Give Your Packaging a Modern Feel.

It’s a no wonder, modern and simple designs stand out, too. To give your packaging a modern feel to it, make use of clean lines, simple colours and of course, sans serif. Also make your packaging gender neutral.

5. Use Bright Colours.

Standout from your competition using bright colour accents in your packaging. Use it either on the sides or in the drawings itself. This could give the feeling of how different your product is when people see your packaging without having to look inside.

6. Your Packaging Should Tell a Story.

People these days love stories, you’ll see it as everyday in social media and it didn’t fail. So, why not use this strategy in your packaging?

Do yourself a favour. For all we know, people love uncovering information.

7. Let the Packaging Speak for the Product Itself.

If you’ ve got a quality product, you don’t have the need to encase it with shiny, ridiculous, annoying wraps. If it looks good, don’t hide it. Allow people see for how they really are.

8. A Little Sneak Peak Won’t Hurt.

Do you remember the saying “what you see is what you get”? If you’ re confident about your product, a little sneak peak is all you need from your packaging. People will be able to tell how good your product is just by looking at it.

9. Make Use of Restricted Colours

Making use of limited colours will definitely look great on your packaging. Just know how to work it out in order to make your brand stand out.

10. Turn it Into Something Else or Make it What It Is

How about turning your packaging into something that it’s not? Turn your packaging into something that is functional by getting creative.

You may also get your packaging look like what your product is made of.

11. Make it Beautiful.

It’s no brainer that people like beautiful things. Some buyers love buying item that are beautiful because it makes them feel good about themselves, plus it makes a nice collection.

Workdog can help you with your branding concept to establish your business personality. We can help you get recognised and standout from the crowd. Get in touch with us, today.


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