Why You Should Not Stop Marketing During Covid-19 Pandemic

April 3, 2020

During this time, most people all over the world are staying inside their homes to keep safe from Covid-19 pandemic. Employees and employers are now forced to work from home and only the key members of the society can go out of the house. In some parts of the world, lockdown is necessary to keep the virus from spreading and only businesses such as supermarkets, pharmacies and hospitals are allowed to remain open. Some countries implemented rules such as giving out schedules for going out to the supermarkets and pharmacies for each subdivision or small clusters in a town, so they can practice social distancing. A lot of efforts has been done and ideas implemented to practice social distancing. In Australia, some essential information has been announced on March 31 for everyone to know and follow.



Businesses has been hit hard by the virus, but luckily, the government has already promised assistance through the JobKeeper Payment to keep more Australians in jobs and also support businesses affected by Covid-19.


And because social interaction has been limited, meaning people can’t come to your businesses and simply because you yourself have closed down your physical location for the time being, does that mean you have to stop marketing because of the extent of the present health crisis?


The answer is, NO.


For us, this is the time to get creative! Whatever type of businesses you are running, your first goal should be getting in touch with your clients to alleviate their stress and let them know how you can serve them.


Think about how to position your business at the forefront of your clients and let them hear what they need from hear from you.


There are many ways on how to promote your business during this global pandemic.


  • Let your customers know how you protect them from the virus including the measures you are currently taking to avoid spread of the disease from your very own business.


  • Think about the many ways how you can be of service to your customers yet avoiding social interaction. This could be via phone, email, instant messaging apps or meeting through video apps. Make everything like meetings, conferences or seminars a virtual event.


  • Show concern to your employees. Encourage them to stay at home if they are feeling sick and the best idea would be to offer them the means of working from home during this health crisis.



Are you on self-isolation or tested for Coronavirus? Report it now by clicking on this link https://covid-form.service.gov.au/. To get news about the Coronavirus, as well as updates and advice from government agencies across Australia, you may check out this link and follow them through their social media channels: https://www.australia.gov.au/index


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