Is Blogging Still Relevant for Businesses?

July 15, 2019

Did you know that “blog” is just a short term for “weblog”? Blogs are like diary styled entries written and published for websites. It was first seen in the year 1990 and was usually the work of a single person or a collaboration of a small group. According to a statistic, there are about 505 million blogs in the year 2018 and is still growing up to now.

Businesses who have a website write blogs to reach out to their audiences who seek help or added information. Blogs are said to also help with Search Engine Optimisation.

After so many years that blog has been used and with so many in placed in the world wide web today, the question is, are they still relevant to businesses?


Blogging Drives Traffic to Your Website

There are other ways people can find you other than just typing your name on a browser’s search field. You see, when you add a page or a blog on your website, that means it’s one more indexed web page for you by the search engines and another way for people to find your business, as long as you are providing relevant and quality content, users will click on your blog link and they will then add up to your daily website visits.


Blogging Helps Convert Traffic to Leads

Now that you have visitors coming to your website, chances are, you will be getting leads from this traffic. Take every blog post an opportunity for people to take action on your website like subscribing, filling out a form or even take advantage of your discounts or promos. daily calls to action on your blog posts if applicable and whenever possible.


Blogging Builds Authority

If you can answer question through your blog posts, or contribute educationally to your readers, then, you will be able to establish trust and build authority through them. Imagine giving clarification to things that confuses them or maybe learn new things from you that could help them in their day to day activities… Make sure that you also stick to content that is relevant to your business to avoid confusion from your audiences.


Blogging Creates More Opportunities for Sharing

Yes, when your audience like what you post, they will share it even without you asking them to do it. That is why proper researching is also important when doing your blog post. Know what people read and are looking for and give them relevant information.

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