Cold Email and Its Importance in Marketing

January 24, 2020

A cold email is an email you send someone you’ re not acquainted with. It is sent for the purpose of gaining sales, leads and other beneficial gains. We may not know it, but we received and see this every day in our inbox.


Just take an example of someone applying for a job. Job hunters sent out emails to HR of companies. There are also marketers sending out emails seeking to gain exposure and they don’t even know the person they are sending to! These are just some examples of cold emails.


Cold emails may be proven effective or ineffective for you, but whatever the result is, it is vital to make sure that what you are doing will be a success and beneficial to you.



The Importance of Cold Emails


1. Expanding Connections


Businesses make contacts to  other businesses or individuals not aware of their products or services. Through cold emails, you are now able to bridge the gap and inform people that you exist. Cold emailing can help connect you to the right set of audience and thereby expanding your connections.



2. Generate Leads


Cold emailing generates a set of audiences interested in buying a product or services from you. Once you have the leads, it is your job to get them to purchasing stage.




If you’ re asking if cold emails are still effective this year, we say it is. Cold emails tell consumers that they matter, that you don’t forget about them. It builds loyalty from your customers telling them that you have what they need.


It doesn’t really matter if this is such an old way of marketing, what does matter is that you build trust among your growing circle and in return they give you their loyalty. It all boils down to how effective this is to your company. And if this is effective, use it!



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