2018’s Top 5 Branding Trends Every Businesses Should Follow

September 14, 2018

The notion of branding is forever changing, and this is because of strong competition and, also because of the ever-changing technology.  As we move greater into the world of branding, we have perceived big changes in the visual, purpose and the way brands are presented. Here are some of the branding trends businesses should follow this 2018.


Minimalism is the deliberate promotion of the things we give worth and removing anything that diverts our attention away from it. Applying minimalism in graphic design, packaging and branding means delivering the message clearly enabling consumers to find a break from all the clutters and worthless additions giving your brand a purpose and clarity.



In a world full of fakes, where everyone claims they are better than the other, it is refreshing and almost too good to see that brands are turning away from too much politics as consumers are no longer attracted to “better than the other” the way it used to be with famous brands.


What catches the eye of almost every consumer is colour. The brand name maybe popular, but, it’s still colour that first catches the eye. Colours can be devious that can either turn you towards the brand or away from it. Colours can instil desirability, peace, anxiousness and even anger. So, when choosing colours for your brands make sure you research and use them carefully. We recommend that you read an article written about The Psychology of Colours. 


Is it interesting enough for consumers to share it? Is it readable? Is it clear enough for consumers understand what you’re trying to convey to them? These are some the important questions you need to answer when creating a brand. Remember, less content is better than more that is produced with low quality.

Influencer Marketing

You’ve heard it right. This is the age where influencers have become popular. What? – With lots of followers and audiences waiting on what these influencers are going to do, say, eat, use, etc., companies big and small have sought the services of influencers as they have a great effect on people and this has remained the top one amongst the branding trends of 2018.


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