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The better established your brand, the more credible your image looks. This converts to consumer trust.

What is Branding and Logo Design?

Branding is creating an exclusive name and image for a product or a business to establish and build image in the consumers mind. The purpose of Branding is to institute a significant and distinguished existence of a person or a business that attracts and preserves customer loyalty. The better established your brand, the more credible your image looks. This converts to consumer trust.


We help many new businesses with their branding concept through first and foremost establishing a personality of its own and creating the iconic logo which will be recognised without explanation. Think of some famous brands, for instance, Apple. Apple doesn’t need to explain who they are, they don’t even need to write Apple anymore. We recognise them with just their logo. This is branding at its finest. It didnt happen overnight, but their foundations were well established and built for longevity.

Let's create your own brand!

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Here are some of our logo design projects


why choose workdog for your logo & Branding

simplicity marries design

We are renowned for our clean and minimal designs. Based on your business needs, we will brainstorm ideas suitable for your vision.


Lets make a lasting impression just by looking at your logo. Our team of professional graphic designers are here to bring your logo and branding to life.

mirrors your brands personality

We create designs that translates all your brand’s promises to your customers.

100% ownership

We are here as your design team, to create your content, you have 100% ownership of all content produced. 

Satisfaction  guarantee

We will never present you with work we are not happy with. Our philosphy revolved around your satisfaction.

No hidden costs

We believe in the importance of transparency. The investment cost quoted will be what is charged. 


1. Let's Talk

Give us a call, or simply fill out the contact form, we will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs.

2. Design Brief

We will send across a design brief for you to complete. Try to provide as much information as possible. We will help where we can.

3. Logo Concept

We will work closely with you to ensure your new logo is a perfect fit for your business. You will be presented with multiple designs to choose from, so we may refine.

4. Logo Revisions

We will be happy to make any changes or revisions you suggest. Part of our service is to offer you unlimited revisions, within reason of course. 

5. Final Logo

We will present you with your final logo and branding. A complete final files package and outline where each file type can be used.

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What Our Clients Say..

— Zoe Randall

“Workdog has been incredibly supportive in starting a new online business with me, especially with building a landing page in a three day turn around.”

Client Satisfaction guAranteed


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Successful businesses have powerful brand visions, awareness and voice. Lets build yours.

Let us help you establish a personality of your own and create an iconic logo that will be recognised without an explanation.

Frequently asked questions

Branding and Logo Design

Do you design logos?

We do everything graphic so yes! Logo design is one of our specialities.

How much does it cost to design logos?

This depends if it is going to be a rebrand or a new logo, best to ask us and we’ll let you know!

How long does it take before I can see my samples?

You will see some samples within a few days, Marine, our graphic designer and logo specialist works hard to get some visuals together, we know this is exciting stuff!

Who keeps the rights of the logo design?

You own the logo design! We might feature it on our website and other marketing portals, let us know if youre not comfortable with this.


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